Take Out Your Phones 

BFA graduation exhibition (2019)
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem 

Installation views from the exhibition.
Documentary sound installation: speakers, Keter plastic chairs, variable dimentions

            A single loudspeaker plays the voice of Togod Omer Adam, a Sudanese refugee, describing his journey to Israel. The narrative is accompanied by a chorus of ten loudspeakers, quoting the Israeli singer Omer Adam, in three chapters. In one of his performances, Omer Adam sings, or perhaps commands the audience to "take out your phones for a moment", and demands that they record that moment, which is eventually immortalized through thousands of phones, from thousands of angles. The distance between these two characters, with the same name, echoes two parallel states of existence co-existing in dissonance and harmony, in Israel of 2019.

︎︎︎ Video documentation

The work was produced in collaboration with Yael Dan.
Music composition and production: Itamar Shlomo Cohen
Voices: Naomi Shalev, Yuval Ovad, Aya Gavrielle, Elad Moshe, May Sfez, Ehud Lax, Ziv Barasi, Amit Fishbain, Neta Fluman, Itamar Shlomo Cohen
Mix production and technician: Marco Malevski
Recorded at The Mazkeka Studios
Togod’s voice recording: Yonatan Nevo

Special thanks to Togod Omer Adam and Omer Adam.