Apple Flavor

Group Exhibition (2021)
Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv
Curator: Noam Alon

An Answer to Love
Sound installation: sofa, speaker, linen fibers, sound, variable sizes

            A speaker wearing a wig rests carelessly on an old red couch, resembling a series of well-worn images from art history. A sleepy woman's voice emanates from the loudspeaker, singing to herself the chorus of "An Answer to Love" - a hit from 2003 by Keren Levy and the Zula Members band. Her character is melancholic, heartbroken, captive within the repetitive lyrics of the song.

︎︎︎ Sound documentation

Shpongle In A Bag
papier mache, gummy candies, wax, plastic bag, variable sizes

Melon Scent
Vodka bottle, wooden sticks, variable sizes