“Eliyahu”, group exhibition (2022)
As part of Loving Art Making Art festival, Tel Aviv
Curators: Ofra Harnam and Tali Ben Nun

Organza (installation views), 2022
organza fabric, loudspeaker, tank, variable dimentions

            A site-specific installation created in collaboration with the artist Karen Dolev. This work was presented as part of the “Eliyahu” exhibition, at the “Loving Art Making Art” festival (2022), curated by Ofra Harnam and Tali Ben Nun.

Next to the grove at Yad Eliyahu neighborhood, Tel Aviv, stands a massive tank on top of two concrete legs. It whistles a soft melancholic tune. A low, mournful, and slow trumpet call, echoing the "OS": the military mess hall anthem, whose words are rude and obscene. The tank itself is covered with a transparent light blue aura, a kind of watery ghost blanket.

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