Survival Episode

Solo Exhibition (2022)
Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem

We will Never Be Apart, 2022
Button-up shirt, wooden hanger, video, mobile phone and charger, variable dimensions

           The exhibition "Survival Episode" draws tentative outlines, subtle intersections between memories, movie scenes, historical events and government corridors, seeking to touch on the elusive concept of 'Israeli masculinity'. Through dealing with farewells and initiation ceremonies the five works in the exhibition seek to examine the intermediate space between the personal and the collective memory.

The work "We will Never Be Apart" presents a famous scene from the Israeli film "The Skipper" (1987), in Hebrew: Abba Ganuv, which describes the separation of Chiko Ben-David from his son. The scene is seen in a blur through the pocket of a button-down shirt, the original soundtrack has been neutralized so that only the dialogue between the father and the son remains.

︎︎︎ Video documentation

He Walked Through the Fields, 2022
Papier-mâché, knitted kippah, button-up shirt, wooden speaker, glass, variable dimensions

In the work "He Walked Through the Fields" a head sculpture, made of yellowish-brown papier-mâché, is placed on top of a loudspeaker with a glass front. The paper is taken from the book "He Walked Through the Fields" by Moshe Shamir (in the first edition), whose hero is Uri Kahana, a patriotic soldier who sacrifices his life for the homeland.